With the rise of decentralized market, initial coin offering (ICO) is also growing rapidly. This provides a medium for startups to fund their projects and likewise create happy customers. The number of ideas for cryptocurrency projects is limited only by human creativity. If you are a budding entrepreneur with a great idea to make it big, keep reading. We present to you some great ideas for a potent ICO Marketing. You are spared from having time spent through browsing for ideas, they are well presented here.

Top tips for promoting your ICO widely and successfully:


1.Make full use of ICO calendars

There are specialized calendars that help you promote your ICO. There are many resources on which the schedule of an ICO is published like Coinschedule, Cyber.fund and Icocountdown. The following information is presented:

  • ICO name
  • ICO project concept
  • crowdsale start and close date
  • links to website


  1. Articles and Press Releases

Publishing press releases and articles on specialized media will provide additional mentions for your project. There are press release services that can provide information and analytics of your project for people who are interested in such content.

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  1. Reach out to interested parties with crypto events

Events and conferences with a focus on crypto and blockchain industry are being held globally regularly. Attending, sponsoring and even hosting crypto events are great ways of networking or communicating your venture to interested parties.

Events and conferences provide the perfect opportunity for face-to-face communication. With a clear, well-presented message and product, you can increase the chances of stakeholder investment.

The drawbacks or benefits of attending/hosting events will be realized through trial and error. Some events will be more successful than others, but attendance should be considered into any ICO marketing strategy.

These events should be attended by whoever you’ve chosen as key person of your project. They should be well-spoken, sociable and knowledgeable about your project as well as the blockchain in general.

The cost can vary widely, depending on whether you are a paid speaker or a paying attendee. If you will be setting up a booth, you will have to plan in those fees as well as the cost of having several people to staff the booth.

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  1. 4 handy tips for a better ICO


  • Your ICO is your pet project, work on a great story to tell

You have a product and now you need to tell the world about it. Make your ICO story interesting, engaging and understandable in a way that will inspire people to get attracted into your vision inspiring them enough to invest in your mission.

  • Know Your Audience

Despite the increasing global popularity of ICOs, a successful ICO marketing strategy still needs to be focused on the right market segments to produce the best and most cost-effective results.

ICO Marketing

  • Transparency

Put bluntly as, if your offer isn’t transparent, it could act as a deterrent towards potential investors. People want to know exactly what they are buying into, as well as know the people behind the product.

A lack of transparency will reduce interest and negatively affect the amount of money you are able to raise. Often, transparency involves making an introduction of your team and their strengths.

When you use the power of social media like LinkedIn, people are genuinely drawn in by your venture. However, try not to be too humble which some investors misinterpret as being a scam.

  • Compliance

Compliance is an area that is becoming increasingly important for ICOs year on year. Rules and regulations are being put in place which will need to be adhered to.

Although still considered to be a debatable area in many countries, implementing a compliant process, as per the Securities and Exchange Commission guidelines, from the very beginning can only help your long-term ICO strategy.

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We hope to guide you in your endeavor and make your cryptocurrency project a success. You must not settle with our tips, but build active awareness to inform yourselves more. Such a motivation is necessary for success.

Great, all done! Hope you enjoyed the article and learnt quite a bit. We want to hear from you. So do revert with your feedback.

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